Saturday, December 21, 2019

The Hard Part Is Done!!

The move to is complete.  We hope that all of the fine people who have supported us through the years will follow us to Live365.  The audio quality of the new stream is outstanding, thanks to the server being located in the United States. So...the big question is...where do you go to listen to the new stream? We have made a lot of progress on that front, adding a web player for the station to our website  No need to stop doing other, Facebook, Twitter, dirty pictures...we don't care! You can listen on the player while continuing with your exciting music!!

We have also identified other apps that will help you listen to 

Listeners can now access Live365 on Amazon Alexa. To begin listening to Live365 on your Alexa, you first need to enable the Live365 Alexa Skill. You can enable the Live365 skill by simply saying "Alexa, Enable Live365 Skill."

Helpful Hint: 
For Alexa, Live365 is pronounced Live Three Sixty Five...
not Live three six five.

After enabling the Live365 skill, tune into Live365 by saying “Alexa, play Live365!” You will then be prompted to pick a station or genre.
Say "Alexa, play Alt Class X".
Well...this is a bit misleading. Apple has been deleting internet radio stations from ITunes but you can still listen to us using ITunes
1. In ITunes select File/Open stream.
2. Enter the following url into the popup box.
3. Click OK
The station will begin playing. will see a87561 displayed in the center box at the top of the screen.  Right click on that box and select Add To Playlist. If you already have a playlist in ITunes, select that playlist. If not, select New Playlist.  Now you have a permanent link to Alt Class X!

You can use WINAMP when listening to 
Alt Class X.

This app is a great addition to the growing number of ways Live365 allows you to listen to our station.  Download it from this link:

Once it is installed, go to FILE/PLAY URL and enter

You can also download Live365 apps for your smartphone by clicking on this link

or go to The App Store or Google Play and search for Live365.

Once the app is installed, just search for Alt Class X.

Quick and Easy Method!

Join Us Now and Enjoy !!

We're Back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you miss us? (We certainly missed you!)

Many of you, our former listeners, have spoken/written to mourn the passing of Alt Class X.  Our old service, Radionomy, ceased streaming North American internet stations back in May 2019.  At the time, we needed to devote our time and efforts to a new project, The Plutopia News Network.
  Plutopia is a website and podcast we produce with our partner Jon Lebkowsky, showcasing "Interviews and News From The Fringes".  The work required to move Alt Class X to a new provider was significant.  We decided to let Alt Class X "rest" for a while and concentrate on the new production.  Plutopia is now in fine shape, so we knew it was time to take the station out of mothballs and bring it back online at original home of Alt Class X.
   In January 2016, Live365 ceased broadcasting due to financial issues stemming from new, higher royalty rates for internet broadcasters. Many of us moved to Radionomy, a Belgium based streaming provider.  Our time at Radionomy was a mixed bag.  They didn't charge for the service but they also had a poor record for tech support and customer service.  They also were sued by the major record labels because they had "neglected" payment of royalties.  Their decision to stop streaming North American broadcasters was a blessing in disguise.  A new, better Live365 has proven to be a great improvement over Radionomy.  I restored our other station, ATX-The Last Radio Show to Live365 and the experience was easier than expected.  Now, it is time to bring back Alt Class X!  We are currently testing the setup and fine-tuning the audio stream.  Broadcasting will resume just before midnight on December 31st as we ring in the New Year and the New Alt Class X.  Initially, the station can be streamed from our website or from (just search for Alt Class X from their home page).  Check out the Listening FAQ below and choose the method for listening...we have plenty of alternatives!! Once we are broadcasting, we will add the station to more streaming sites. 

So join us on New Year's Eve, Tuesday, December 31st at 12 Noon Central Time and help us celebrate our return!!!