Tuesday, June 26, 2018


If you are trying to listen to Alt Class X on ITunes or Apple TV, the evil empire (Apple) is in the process of removing Internet Radio stations from ITunes!!! The recent "upgrades" to ITunes have removed the choice of Internet Radio from their menu.  They are doing this to ALL internet stations, hoping to push you to listen to their crappy Apple Music!!  Going forward, if you are unable to find Alt Class X on ITunes, here is a procedure you can use to listen. 

If you still want to listen on ITunes, just do the following:
Copy the link below...highlight it, right click and copy.

Open ITunes and in the File menu choose Open Stream.  Paste the link there and you will play the station.  Once it is playing, right click the little "playing" window at the top of ITunes, and select "Add to playlist".   In the future you will just need to go to the Playlist and click on Alt Class X.  

Sadly, Apple TV (The old version) will no longer play an internet station that has been deleted from ITunes using the Radio app. The current version of Apple TV will let you listen to internet radio if you add an app like MyTuner or MyTuner Pro. Just look for Alt Class X on MyTuner in the genre " 80's".

Just another example of Apple's continued decline!  They were once supporters of independent programmers and broadcasters but they have followed the Trump playbook and kicked the small, independents to the curb!  It will only get worse as they try to compete with Spotify and the other commercial music channels.  So, now Apple joins the ranks of the other monopolists.  Rest In Pieces Apple!

A better solution, if you are using an IOS device (IPhone or IPad)or an Android phone, you can install our app from the App Store (IOS) or Google Play (Android). Just go to the App Store or Google Play and enter alt class x into the search box. The search will take you to our app, which you can install and use to listen to our station.

The station will ALWAYS be available via the web player on our website

Go to that website and bookmark it today! No matter what happens, we will always strive to bring our music to you by whatever means necessary!!!

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