Sunday, January 17, 2016

Well Crap !!!!

I was just getting used to the neighborhood at (after 13 years!).  Now the neighborhood is going away.  The Gods Of Royalty have decided, with little notice, that small, independent internet broadcasters have to go away.  For most of this millennium small broadcasters have been allowed to operate under reduced royalty rates (compared to the Spotify, Apple Music, Rich Guy streamers). As of  January 31st, Live365 will cease operations, leaving scores of small broadcasters out in the cold.

(That was the bad news)

Now, on to the good news.

Alt Class X is in the process of moving Belgium.  Our new streaming provider is, a streaming provider founded by four Belgian entrepreneurs.  The name Radionomy is a combination of the words Radio and Autonomy...two of my favorite words!

It doesn't take a great deal of analysis to figure out the reason for the royalty rate increase.  The big streamers, Spotify, Apple Music, et al have been struggling.  How better to increase their audience than to get rid of the little scumbags who dare to stream music for the love of it!  The old small broadcaster rate was fair, considering that most of these broadcasters were not trying to become the next Clear Channel Broadcasting.  These people just loved creating small, independent channels for music they loved.

Many of these channels will go dark on January 31st, never to return.  The rest of us are headed offshore to Radionomy or other outlets.

Even if the music I stream on Alt Class X is not your favorite, give it a try...if only to shoot the proverbial finger at the Big Guys.  We are not avoiding paying the artist royalties.  Radionomy pays the royalties in exchange for placing ads onto our stations.

So come see/hear us in our new neighborhood.  Just head over to or click on the player on this page.

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